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Mount Gambier & Warrnambool.

Blue Lake - Mount Gambier.

Mount Gambier.

Sunday, 18th March, 2012

Early last Saturday we went to Mount Gambier for shopping and visiting.

The weather was not the best, but we got a reasonable picture of the Blue Lake.

The shopping did not go very well at all. We found none of the things we went there specially to buy. All of them would have been on the shelves in Alice, so we were rather surprised, and anoyed.

Coast near Port Fairy.

Yesterday we took a trip to Warrnambool to search for the bits and pieces we could not get the week before.

It was a cold, wet and windy day, so when we stopped near Port Fairy to have a look at the sea, it was not too surprising that it was pretty rough.

Coast near Port Fairy.

In Warrnambool we went first to the stores on the Melbourne side of town, and once again found very little of what we were looking for.

We did manage to get a different spout for our kitchen sink water, and a small tarp cover for the generator, but not much else.

Coast near Port Fairy.

Later we went into the town centre, but even here, we could not find much.

The day was made even worse by dinner. We got fish and chips and they were horrible.

The weather had not improved much, so we did not visit the beach or take any photos, instead we left earlier than planned and came back through Hamilton where we ended up getting all our groceries.

Flowering plant from market.

Back at the ranch, or rather Lyns mothers house where we have our plants set up, the plant Lyn bought at the market on the way to Ballarat begonia fest, was flowering very well. It was a good buy. We also repotted some of our hippeastrums that had grown too big for the pots we had them in. We had also bought another one from Ebay that needed planting. It was a white with pink edging around every pettle.

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