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Henty & Portland.

Henty MarketHenty Market


Sunday, 1st April, 2012

We'd seen a poster for a car boot sale at Henty hall on Sunday the first, so we decided to make that our weeks trip.

Daylight saving ended today, so we were up with plenty of time to get to the market. Once there we were surprised at the number of stalls considering the Henty hall was in the middle of nothing. The market had a very pleasant atmosphere.

We got some fruit and Lyn found some nic-nacs, then we continued on towards Portland.

The road from Henty to Heywood was pretty rough. You could see how the heavy, and very fast travelling, log trucks had pounded ruts into the road. The side where they returned empty was very noticeably better. There were a lot of small, black furred, wallabies around too, along with some dead large grey roos on the side of the road.

Oil rig off coast at PortlandOil rig off coast at Portland

Travelling the road from Heywood to Portland reminded me of the North Coast of NSW with the thick green vegetation and manicured properties.

In Portland itself, there were plenty of new houses being built around the edges, and a lot of modern revamped properties in town. The main street seemed pretty much unchanged.

Looking out at the sea, there was an oil rig just outside the harbour.

Portland lighthousePortland lighthouse.

We went around town looking for the things on our shopping list, and as before, we could not find all of them. There was only Woolworths and IGA for groceries. IGA was very expensive, and Woolworths was packed and had hardly any checkouts open (as is usual for Woolworths).

We went to the lighthouse lookout and took some pictures of the bay.

Ship in Portland harbourShip in Portland harbour.

There was a ship in the harbour waiting for load. Near the wharf was a huge pile of woodchips, possibly what the ship was waiting for.

We went for a drive out to the aluminium smelter, following the huge overhead ore pipeline, but could not find a good place to take pictures of the place.

The buildings were spread over a large area, but were already showing many signs of rust from the sea air.

Portland harbour bayPortland harbour bay.

Compared to last week, the sea was quite calm. Just some small waves washing on the beach.

We ended up getting a Subway for lunch and heading back home. It must be the age, but we find these shopping trips pretty tiring. It's so good to get back home and have a rest.

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