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Indoor Garden.

Van in shedVan in Shed

Alice Springs.

Sunday, 10th June, 2012

We arrived back in Alice Springs on May seventh.

Our van was settled into the boss's shed so we could be on-site security for a while.

Lyn's washingLyn's washing

The shed was not exactly set up for living, so we had to make a temporary clothes line in one of the outer storage areas, and Lyn could only really wash on the weekend when no one was around. Also her new washing machine was in our container so she had to use our old small one and it took her ages. On the brighter side, the clothes dried quite quickly.

Indoor GardenGarden in Kitchen area

Living in the shed was a little different. We were completely locked in at night, and it was always dark outside the van. The one real benefit was that it was much warmer inside the shed overnight so we did not feel the full force of the desert winter chill.

Lyn's begonias would not have liked the cold at all, so we moved all of them inside under 12 volt LED lighting. It took quite a few weeks to get fully set up, but the plants seemed to like the warmer temperatures inside.

Indoor garden in bedroom areaIndoor garden in Bedroom area

We set up one area on the kitchen bench, and another, larger area in the bedroom.

Initially we had a little trouble with fungus attacking the plants, but reducing the watering and a sulpher spray seemed to fix it.

We are still not sure how long we will stay here. Lyn has work here as well now, and combined the free rent, is letting us both save a good amount each week. Our main problem is deciding where to go when we leave here. One thing we have decided is that it will have to be somewhere warm!

We very much miss having a cat around us. The van seems a very empty place without Zebbie, so we've started looking for a new pet. Unfortunately Alice Springs is very much a dog town. The RSPCA did have quite a few nice cats, but they were just not what we wanted. Knowing that we will have any cat for a long time, we want to make sure that the one we finally choose will be the right one for us. We will just keep looking.

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