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Alice Springs.

Sunday, 24th June, 2012

Our search for a new cat continued on and off, now focused on the internet.

The first we found that seemed right was in Darwin, but the more photos we saw, the more she reminded us of Zebbie.

We widened our search to WA and found quite a few nice cats, but no one was willing to go to the trouble to send them to us. Then we turned to NSW as many of the adds indicated that they were willing to send the cat, when finally our heart was taken by this little twerp called "The Divine Miss Maisie". With a face like that, who could resist?

Maisie playingMaisie arrives at the terminal.

We made the arrangements to take the kitten, and while we waited until the foster carer was able to send her we bought an assortment of toys and equipment for her. It had been a long time since we had had a young, active kitten in our lives, so there were plenty of new toys. Just have to hope the kitten has as much fun playing with then as Lyn had testing them.

Maisie was due to touch-down at 12.40 on Sunday afternoon, so we were at the airport in plenty of time to find the right place to pick her up. We had a bit of a wait as the freight was the last to be unloaded, but finally her pink carry cage was bought out and we got to see her in the flesh. She was just as cute as in her photos.

We left her in the cage for the drive home and she seemed quite content, purring and talking a bit. Once home and out of the cage, she set to explore her new domain. The only thing that frightened her were the mirrors. It took her a few growls at her reflection to get accustomed to them. As we originally had the litter tray in front of a mirror, we moved it a little so she could use it without fear, which she proceeded to do several times.

Maisie playingMaisie playing with one of her mouse toys.

Then she found one of the dangley mouse toys and she attacked it with great vigour. Then after another hour of fast- paced exploring, she finally lay down for a rest. She had made us exhausted just looking at her.

Update.... Saturday, 30th June, 2012

Playing on her scratching postPlaying on her scratching post.

Her scratching post arrived on Tuesday, and like everything else, she took to it even while we were setting it up.

Over the week she has really settled in fully. Even the mirrors that originally frightened her became OK. She could be seen admiring her own reflection, and watching us through the mirror.

She is the happiest cat we've ever seen. Nothing seems to upset her, and she seems happy 24hours a day. To go with her sweet nature, she just looks so pretty.

Having a nurseHaving a nurse.

As she got more used to us, she let us pick her up and give her a little cuddle.

Not that she snuggled really well, prefering to drape herself over my arm so she would not miss any other action that might be happening.

Playing with my slipperPlaying with my slipper.

Anything put where she could get to it became a new toy. This included one of my network cables that must have seemed like a mouse toy. Within a few moments she had chewed through the wire near the dangling plug. Lucky it was only a spare, and not in use.

She has also "played" with some of the dangling leaves of Lyn's plants, but nothing too bad so she is still "mummies cat".

Laying on the bed.Laying on the bed.

Originally she was not happy getting on the bed, but slowly that changed. She first woke us at 3.45am by pouncing on our toes. Luckily she is improving her hours, and it was 5.30am this morning when she started her pouncing, and even ventured under the blankets a little.

Maisie has certainly won her way into our hearts

. . .