Australian RV

Preparing to leave Alice Springs.

Back of truckPlant box on back of truck.

Alice Springs.

Sunday, 26th February, 2012

It's been raining in the Centre, with forecast of much more, and so we are looking to leave before we get rained-in.

We spent the weekend getting ready for the move. We made a new box for some of the things we carry on the back of the truck, and fitted the hitch again.

Then we turned our attention to the container. Its amazing how much stuff we have accumulated while we have been here.

Inside containerThe packed container.

We had to remove all the stacked boxed in the container shelves and place them tightly all over the floor of the container. We are not sure when and how we will get the container picked up, so we had to make sure the contents would stand up to any rough handling they might get in the future.

Lyn is going to miss her new washing machine. We had to get the old, small, one out ready for the rest of the year.

Zebbie has had another "episode" but has pulled through again. Not too sure how she will handle the travel.

At the moment we are planning on leaving on Tuesday. We havn't travelled for so long and there are so many little things to get ready to make the van ready to move. We've serviced the truck, pumped up all the tyres, sorted out the hoses and leads, and tried to sort out where to store everything. We're exhausted from all the preparation.

. . .