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Alice Springs - We're Back!

Bonney WellBonney Well.

Bonney Well, Aileron, Alice Springs.

Tuesday, 20th October, 2010

We left Tennant Creek early Sunday morning.

This time we bypassed the Devils Marbles and stopped at Bonney Well instead. There's not much left to see, but it is a good rest site.

Aileron turnoff Aileron turnoff.

Last time we had came this way I noticed what looked like a great view up the first entrance road. Prepared this time, we stopped at the right place and I took some photos. The results were quite disapointing, but you can see the large hunter statue at the end of the road if you look hard enough.

The view was certainly better in the flesh.

Roadsite camp near Alice Springs Roadside camp near Alice Springs.

We had planned to camp just past Aileron, but when we got to the site someone else was already there and water was all around the area making it hard for a second site. Nothing for it but to keep on going.

Every time we came to a good looking site, there was more water blocking the way until finally we pulled into a dry truck bay and found a track off the side that let us park right out of the way.

It proved to be another really great site, and the road was very quiet all night.

Early next morning we were in Alice Springs once again. After a bit of a look around at accomodation options we were welcomed back into the Hall of Fame. We are Alice locals after all now.

Heavitree Gap Shops Heavitree Gap Shop.

This is the business where Lyn did a tryout this morning. It was a job of making sandwiches for their busy lunch trade. Unfortunatley it did not work out, but it was a bit more experience.

Later we found that many others had tried out for the same job, and most had not even lasted five minutes. It was a rather colourfull venue. While we were there there was a major fight outside involving four native women and much hair pulling and yelling. Just like on Jerry Springer, except live!

So for now, we are staying at the Road Transport Hall of Fame, and Lyn is working in the Ghan train museum again

. . .