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Devils Marbles - Take 2.

Sunrise at Ali GurungSunrise at Ali Gurung.

Monday, 4th October, 2010

We were pretty close to the Devils Marbles, so after packing up at daylight after a very quiet night, we continued up the road toward the big stones.

Large marble Leaning on one of the more accessable marbles.

When we were here last year, we did not take many pictures, and regretted not having had a good look around. This time we took the tripod, so using the timer on the camera we took some picture with both us in the frame.

Split marble A large split marble.

We followed the walking tour and saw all the different types of marble, including this large split one.

Stone balancing on pillars Large stone balancing on natural pillars.

Standing by itself was a large rock balancing on four pillars. (The photo does not show it that well though).

Considering it was still quite early, there were quite a few other pleople around. It is a popular spot and better seen before the real heat of the day set in.

Tennant Creek sign Tennant Creek Town sign.

When we finally left, we went straight on to Tennant Creek and booked into the Outback Caravan Park where Lyn spent the rest of the day catching up with all the washing. The clothes dried pretty fast as it was both very hot and rather windy.

In the evening we got an email saying we could have the job in Katherine I had enquired about, so rather than chase local jobs tomorrow, we will set of north once again.

. . .