GPB London Open System Test

I'm looking for a way of profiting from the large trend that usually occurs in GBP/USD (Futures M6B). Most nights, price takes off for at least 60 pips between a couple of hours around London open time.

I've observed that the ALF line on the 30minute chart is quite a good pointer to direction, and it seems that using the ALF as a trigger, 25 pip stop and 50 pip TP could give quite a good result. I'm going to record here some back testing and ongoing live tests.

While I'm charting this on spot forex charts, I'm going to trade it on micro futures (M6B) with a set-and-forget type approach (Well I was until I saw these results!)

I'll put a table below for result summary and update it as required.

Back test summary - Trade at ALF cross - 25pip stop - stop to B/E at 20pip profit - 50pip TP

 Date  Mon  Tues  Wed  Thurs  Fri
 29-June-2014  -25  -25  50  -25  -25
 6-June-2015  50  No trade  -25  -25  -25

Actual results are pretty bad, even though visually it looks promising.

Back test week 1

GPB/USD 29-6-2015 Monday 29-6-2017.
Buy at the arrow after the London open.
The rectangles are 25pips high. Pink for stop.
This one was very close, but calling it a loss. 30pip stop would have made it a win.

GPB/USD 30-6-2015 Tuesday 30-6-2017.
Buy at the arrow an hour after the London open.
This one was also very close, but stil a loss. Again, a 30pip stop would have made it a win.

GBP/USD 1-7-2015 Wednesday 1-7-2015.
Sell hour and a half after open.
A clear winner. Went on for 105 pips

GPB/USD 2-7-2015 Buy at 1.5 hours.
Definate stop out.

GPB/USD 3-7-2015 Sell in first hour. Stopped out.

Back test week 2

GPB/USD 6-7-2015 Buy in the first hour. A trailing stop would have created a lose, but normal stop held, and gave 50 pip profit.

GBP/USD 7-7-2015 No signal - no trade, even though there was a 170 pip drop!

GBP/USD 8/7/2015 There was a signal. Definate loss.

GBP/USD 9-7-2015 Stopped out.

GBP/USD 10-7-2015 Stopped out on the wrong side of a 145pip run.
I'll stop trhe test here as it is not looking very good at all.