Van trading computer

I trade from a pair of notebooks, with a standard computer in the cormer of our van as backup. We have been traveling around Australia, finding work as we need, but lately have been mostly in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Internet is via Telstra NextG mobile service, that provides coverage most places in the country, but at a cost.

I've rewritten this site to become a tool for me to look back upon as to what changed to make me see how to be profitable in this tough world of high finance. Maybe you will find something to help you in your efforts from my struggles.

There is also a section of this site where I am slowly transfering our travel blog, and some useful forex related links.



The certainty to trade profitably is not to win, but to out-win.
Out-win those who fear.
Out-win those who hesitate and out-win those that are too quick.
Out-win is winning by being better and being aware of fear and how it moves the market.